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Flaunt Shades of pink for special occassions

Yes, the color pink dazzles anyone with its charm, style and simple fashion. Pink is the color, which can accentuate your youth, looks sweet yet sexy and be normal yet stylish!

Pink is the color which gets you smiling through a crappy date, the color which looks so ravishing when worn with the perfect jewelry and is really smashing when worn in religious functions.

The psychology behind the color pink

Pink is that shade which is energetic and not sexy, which is charming and not smart and which is all those other things but different! So, when you are off to a date, pink is your color to be perceived as someone who has an innocent, sweet and easy personality. So, wear these shades of pink, which reflects all those attributes of her personality.

The different shades of pink which people can wear anytime, anywhere and with anyone!

  1. The Dark Hot pink Lehenga

Dark Hot pink Lehenga

This dark shade would accentuate the skin tone of a person and can easily be worn in an evening gala function. This dark hot pink lehenga with woven embroidery looks really ethnic and chick with its florescent color.

  1. The light pink-Mauve Shade

light pink Mauve Shade lehengaThis light yet funky shade really charms your mood in great lengths. The mauve shade lehenga along with stone, zari, resham embroidery just dismantles you and makes you go ballistic with its oozing charm.

  1. The Fuscia pink

Fuscia pink bridal lehenga

The Fuchsia is the color of “Euphoria”, which means a sense of utmost happiness! This bridal wear, fuchsia pink lehenga, heavily embroidered with zari, resham work & sequins work looks amazing for the occasion.

  1. The Flamingo Pink

flamingo pink lehenga with heavy sequins zari work

This light suave pink looks really elegant and charming. This flamingo pink lehenga with heavy sequins & zari work looks really charming and good.

  1. The Punch Pink

Punch pink engagement lehenga

This color which is a little dark and close to the purple shade, looks good with abstract color accessories! Punch pink lehenga for the occasions like engagement parties or any festive events, which is adorned with zari, resham and stone work embroidery.

  1. The Ballet Slipper Pink

ballet slipper pink salwar kameez

This color is a little on the casual shade and can be easily working out for the light evenings functions. The ballet-slipper pink salwar kameez looks charming yet casual with its ankle length attire and the whole feel.

  1. The Rosewood Pink

rosewood pink saree

This color looks great with something like shimmer jewelry because of the dull texture of this shade! This rosewood pink saree with simple print looks really good.

  1. The Rouge Pink

rouge pink lehenga adorned with zari resham embroidery

The Rouge pink is something which can be work in lehenga or anything heavy! The rouge pink lehenga adorned with zari & resham embroidery looks amazing and can be adorned in bridal & engagement functions.

  1. The Purplish Pink

purplish pink salwar kameez

This one is the darkest of all and can work with lighter jewelry! This purplish pink salwar kameez looks really nice when adorned in festive functions.


  1. The Salmon & Magenta Pink

salmon magenta saree

This is the lightest of all, and can be worn in the afternoon time! The famous actress Kangana Ranaut looks great in this salmon & magenta saree which exuberates a whole classic and sophisticated feel about it.

  1. The Magenta Pink

magenta pink lehenga

This one is like one of the darkest shade and can be worn with something light shades like the in the picture. This magenta pink lehenga looks really amazing on the actress Shradha Kapoor, which is adorned with white patch work in floral patterns.

  1. The Crepe Pink

deepika padukone in crepe pink saree

This one color of elegance

Thus the shades of pink are really charming and yet beautiful. This crepe pink saree on the actress Deepika Padukone, looks really beautiful with zari butti work on it. It would look good if worn in engagement parties or any festive events.

Now, let’s browse the various products in shades of pink which a woman can style herself into!


  1. The Crepe Pink Saree with Thread Work


This crepe color saree with patch border work with zari embroidery, resham work and stone work looks really beautiful with a small pair of diamond studs or say loose earrings!

  1. The Half N Half Punch Pink Saree

Half N Half Punch Pink Saree

The beautiful saree with heavy thread work, Resham embroidery and patch border work looks ravishing with the color pink accentuating its charm!

  1. The Rose Pink Lehenga with Heavy Embroidery


This heavy rose pink lehenga looks really beautiful with really detailed work of zari, resham embroidery, mirror work, gota Patti work and sequins work with a little mirror work detailing.

  1. This Double Shaded Salwar Kameez in Taffy Shade of pink

Double Shaded Salwar Kameez in Taffy Shade of pink

This taffy pink color attire looks really enticing with double shaded kameez with thread work and zari and resham embroidery on the yoke.

  1. The Strawberry Pink Lehenga

The Strawberry Pink Lehenga

The pink lehenga looks great with heavy zari, gota Patti, sequins and mirror work embroidery on the yoke and the jacquard sleeves of the choli looks so different altogether!

  1. The Bubblegum Pink Saree

Bubblegum Pink Saree

This pink simple-looking saree with thread and sequins work looks really soothing with its pink shade.

  1. The Purplish Pink Saree

Purplish Pink Saree

This saree looks great in the dark purplish pink shade with thread work in resham embroidery.

Thus the pink is a color which every woman wants to adorn and enjoy, no matter what climate it is, or which function she is stepping into! A female feels really liberated and her true young-self in this happy color, pink!

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