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Let’s Tassel a little!

Toss yourself a little, move your head sideways, and nod yourselves into this world of small, tiny, beautify pieces of tassels.Which are so colorful yet so subtle, which are so spunky yet so simple and which adds that hip n happening look to the saree blouses, hanging in all its glory with the thought, that people would be boggled by their style and color!

And yes, it’s the truth! Tassels is a very important commodity nowadays, it adds that extra charm to the blouses, to the back of the salwar kameez and the Indian lehenga choli.

Tassels are almost everywhere.

The introduction of tassels has opened up a small growing industry altogether. A girl adorning a bridal or mehendi function goes to the tailor with a picture in mind, of wearing the pink or red shade lehenga with sequins work and a deep cut at the back, completed with the styling of the tassels!

Let’s discuss the various types of tassels which are really popular these days!

  1. The White Moti Tassels

White Moti Tassels

The small white beads, moti-like particles of balls distributed evenly and dangling from a bigger bead with a golden string! This would look good on any off white saree or any darker shades.

  1. Colorful thread like tassels!

Colorful Tassels

Let’s talk about this colorful thread like tassels with different satires made on the balls and looks so charming!

  1. The mirror work tassels

mirror work tassels

Source: Pinterest

These cloth balls of mirror work which resonates zari substances like feel and looks amazing on the back of a heavy lehenga cholis!

  1. These groups of tassels stealing the show!

Source: Pinterest.com

The colorful tassels which looks really beautiful at the back of all the lehenga cholis with their simplistic style of color and textures!

  1. These big motifs of stone work tassels!

big motifs of stone work tassels

Source: Pinterest.com

These stone work tassels with big motifs like substances dangling at the back, with the intricate patterns of dangling sweet bell-like balls just adds to the whole charm of the tassels!

  1. These ghunghroo tassels looks ravishing!

ghunghroo tassels

Source: Pinterest.com

These really different yet really simple tassels, with ghunghroos dangling looks so different with a black velvet ball attached to it.

  1. The cloth like tassels!

cloth like tassels

Source: Pinterest.com

This thread like cloth tassels of different dark shades of the color looks really simple and easy to be adorned at the back of the saree which are worn in routine time!

  1. Velvet tassels!

Velvet Tassels

This velvet tassel which looks so cool with their bight yet suave color shades!

  1. Moti and beads work tassels!

Moti & Beads Work Tassels

Source: Pinterest.com

These big sized tassels with small ghunghroos dangling from them, looks really pretty with their sparkling substance and style!

  1. The long Silken Thread Dangling

tassels with Long silk threads danglingThese beautiful tassels with Long silk threads dangling, which looks really trendy when worn on the salwar suits, just like the above picture.

The ways in which one can style these fashionable small beads of tassels!

  1. Style them at the side of a lehenga!

Tassels at the side of a lehenga

This way the tassels dangle over the side of your waist with an extra style and charm, which you seldom enjoy a lot!

  1. At the back of the blouse, in those thick waves!

Tassels look really good in Indian wedding dresses with a lot of zari work adorning it and it looks really different when worn at the back of any blouse! Any light work blouse becomes heavier when tassels are added to it.

Tassels with lots of zari work

Tassels with lots of zari work

  1. Hang the tassel necklace around your neck

tassel necklace Tassels can also be used as a motifs in making a necklace and wearing it around your neck which actually looks great!

  1. The white cashmere shawl with tassels hanging!

shawl with tassels hangingTassel can work their charm to the shawl too as they add a little charm, color and vigor to it!

  1. The footwear tassel

footwear tasselThe footwear looks quite charming and enjoyable when the tassels are stitched to it as a motif.

  1. The saree tassels


Saree with TasselsThe saree looks great with a few pair of tassels adorning it.

  1. The tassels on the salwar suits

Salwar Kameez with tassels

Source: Pinterest.com

The tassels can be beautifully used on the back, the side, the dupatta of the salwar kameez which would fully accentuate the style and the look of the attire.

Thus there are various types and ways to wear the tassels, it really accentuates the style of the attires with equal panache and charm. The tassels which just produce an enigmatic effect, gives a sound of ringing in the ears as a girl goes by and the overall presentation of the dress changes as you add these small and amazing substances!

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